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Unleashing Chaos Monkey

Chaos Monkey is a technique equivalent to let a monkey in your data center, you never which wires it is going to pull. This is a great way to test the resilience of your infrastructure and scalability. 

Chaos Monkey is a testing technique developed by Netflix, which aims to inject controlled chaos into a production environment. It operates on the principle that "failure will happen." 

At HITEAM, we're confident in our global scale infrastructure, but what better way to test resilience than unleashing the Chaos Monkey. 

Here is what we tested: What will happen when a server goes down? will it replace?, what happens when your master database goes down, will it select another leader among the replicas? what happens if the database disks breaks down? what if the entire regio, n goes down where your master database located? what happen when the deployment fails to update all the servers across the region? 

Our monkey excelled in what is supposed to do, so does our global scale and multi-region replications. We addressed potential points of failure, creating a rock-solid infrastructure. Rest assured, we have multi-region scale and backup to support your teams.

Whether your team is 5 or 50,000 members strong, HITEAM is ready to empower your teams to scale, boost productivity, and reduce management costs.

All great things start with the first step. Take one for your team.

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