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Cache the Hell Out: Our Journey to Elevate HITEAM's Performance

Performance is the heartbeat of any application, and at HITEAM, it's our unwavering mission. With a critical focus on engineering metrics, we won't settle for anything slower than a 300-millisecond response time. We prioritize both server and browser load times for an exceptional user experience. Join us on our performance optimization journey as we unveil the techniques that make HITEAM lightning fast.

The Basics: Optimizing Databases
Performance optimization is a multi-layered endeavor. Before you start anywhere else, start with the basics - first is indexing, index everything until it become a problem, ensuring the right level of indexing across all tables. This itself could boosts application performance significantly. Second is to reduce the number of SQL cals to the database. A common problem is N+1 queries where sometime you execute multiple queries in loop instead you can use include option provided in the SQL to get the related records, this further reduces SQL calls, enhancing efficiency.

Conquering Latency
The second significant challenge impacting performance is latency. Running multiple web servers close to users is essential, but keeping a single database in a different region can introduce latency issues. An effective solution is deploying read replicas – read-only databases situated closer to web servers within the same region. This strategy reduces latency, enhancing performance for most user requests. However, scaling databases across various regions is a complex endeavor that demands careful consideration.

Cache the Hell Out: At Every Count
Having established the fundamentals, let's delve into caching. Aggregated queries such as count and sum play a crucial role in HITEAM, pivotal for showcasing metrics like story count and completion rates. Yet, executing these queries can be sluggish. Our remedy? We compute these metrics during the writing process and cache them strategically. This make them into standard records, thereby enhancing overall efficiency. With this approach, you no longer need to carry out time-consuming count operations for every fetch.

Cache the Hell Out: Russian Doll Caching
The final piece of the puzzle involves minimizing database calls entirely. To achieve this, we meticulously cache every facet of the UI on the server side, regenerating components solely when the underlying data undergoes change. Each individual component is cached independently, guaranteeing that only affected segments are regenerated in response to data alterations. This approach significantly enhances load times while upholding data integrity.

Here is the magic, all the red-lines you see below are cached, when you look at HITEAM next time, see them in action.

Our journey of optimizing HITEAM's performance reflects our dedication and passion. When you use HITEAM, we are sure you will feel the difference.

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