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Connect your product, engineering, marketing, change management, program, customer success, and support teams into one streamlined workflow.

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What your teams get with HITEAM


AutoAgile enables your engineering teams to automate up to 90% of SCRUM processes, freeing up valuable time to focus on delivering exceptional products to your customers. Say goodbye to manual tasks and embrace the power of automation!


With Roadmap, product managers can create dynamic, data-driven product roadmaps and seamlessly collaborate across multiple SCRUM teams, streamlining your entire product development process. Get ready to bring your vision to life, optimize resource allocation, and achieve remarkable results


With Knowledge, empower your teams, product divisions, and entire organization to capture and build collective knowledge, fostering collaboration across various levels within your organization. Say hello to a more informed and interconnected workforce, all while building a repository of invaluable insights!


ReleaseTrain is designed to empower your program teams in planning and tracking parallel releases across multiple SCRUM teams with seamless precision. With ReleaseTrain, streamline your release management process, ensuring smooth and efficient delivery of multiple releases simultaneously.


DesignBench empowers Solution and Technical Architects to split roadmaps into team stories and allocate them across SCRUM teams with ease. Ensure architectural integrity throughout your system's development journey with seamless roadmap management and allocation. (Coming Soon)


Market empower you in planning and tracking all your content and marketing campaign activities, whether you target internal teams or external customers. With Market, embrace a unified platform that ensures every content and campaign activity is strategically planned and executed, driving impactful results and engagement.


Onboard empowers your customer success teams in efficiently onboarding new customers while planning and tracking all activities during the onboarding process. With Onboard, embrace a unified platform that ensures every customer gets off to a great start, driving success and satisfaction from day one


Support empowers your teams to handle customer issues with ease. From initial triage to assigning the right SCRUM teams, our platform simplifies the process, ensuring prompt resolution. HiTEAM's calibration engine keeps you updated with accurate estimations and real-time progress on issue resolution.


Recognizing and commemorating achievements, whether significant milestones or everyday victories, fosters a positive and motivating atmosphere. From the initial steps to the final destination, every step of your team's journey matters. Celebrate offers a seamless way to document and preserve this path to success, allowing you to reflect on progress and growth.


RisksTrack simplifies the process of capturing risks during retrospectives or ongoing project activities. Your teams can effortlessly log potential challenges, ensuring nothing falls through the cracks. RisksTrack provides real-time visibility, enabling proactive measures and swift actions to mitigate potential impacts.


With TeamHealth, every team member is encouraged to reflect on their day and answer three questions. 1) Did You Achieve Your Daily Goals? 2) How Engaged Are You with Your Work? 3) Are You Happy with Your Contribution to the Team Today?. TeamHealth then harnesses these invaluable insights to generate an anonymous heatmap that vividly illustrates your team's collective emotions and morale. (Coming Soon)


With Projects, streamline and simplify the management of non-SCRUM projects and initiatives within your organization. Embrace flexibility and efficiency as you conquer project challenges with ease!

Simplifying Your Workflow at a Fraction of the Cost!

Unlike traditional competitors who offer individual products with separate pricing, leaving you with a fragmented workflow and a soaring costs. At HITEAM, we have taken a bold approach by providing one integrated platform to streamline your end-to-end workflow with a fraction of the cost. The result? A seamless and cohesive experience that maximizes efficiency, collaboration, and success.

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Unlock Instant Estimations and Delivery Predictions

Know exactly when your teams can deliver features with our real-time tracking, dynamic estimation, and advanced calibration engine. Predict delivery dates in real time, enabling better decision-making and ensuring you have an up-to-date plan on time, every time.

Enable end to end Product Workflow with Automation

Streamline your product and engineering workflow with advanced automation and Connect your product, engineering, marketing, change management, program, customer success, and support teams into one streamlined workflow.

Unite Hybrid, Distributed, and Remote Teams

Empower self-managing teams with real-time information and automated workflows to create a cohesive work environment, supercharging your team's collaborative output. No matter where they are located, your diverse teams can work together effectively at an unmatched pace.

Reduce Meeting and Management Costs

Maximize your resources and minimize overheads with our efficient management solutions. Say goodbye to unnecessary meetings, manual coordination, and resource wastage, as our platform optimizes your processes, leading to substantial cost savings.

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