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  • Upto 15 Users
  • Unlimited Teams
  • All features included
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  • Upto 50 Users
  • Unlimited Teams
  • All features included
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  • Upto 100 Users
  • Unlimited Teams
  • All features included
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  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Teams
  • All features included
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No matter which plan you choose, you get the same power to automate every part of your product and engineering organizations, leading to savings of tens of thousands of dollars each year by reducing unwanted roles, unnecessary meetings while enhancing productivity and accountability.

How much you save?

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Avg. Per User CostMonthlyYearlyAnnual Saving with HITEAM
HITEAM (With everything JIRA, Confluence, and JIRA Align can do, plus market, onboard, and support features, as well as the most advanced estimation engine, MultiTrack support, and multi-SCRUM dependency management)
JIRA/ Confluence/ JIRA Align

* This is a conservative estimate; our competitors often charge significantly more, especially for their premium and enterprise plans.

* Even though some of them offer a free plan, it is often limited, and users may end up paying a high price over their lifetime of usage.

Simplifying Your Workflow at a Fraction of the Cost!

Unlike traditional competitors who offer individual products with separate pricing, leaving you with a fragmented workflow and a soaring costs. At HITEAM, we have taken a bold approach by providing one integrated platform to streamline your end-to-end workflow with a fraction of the cost. The result? A seamless and cohesive experience that maximizes efficiency, collaboration, and success.

What do you get with HITEAM


Automate your processes and get instant estimation and delivery dates.


Create roadmaps involving multiple SCRUM teams, receive instant updates and estimations.


Capture and build collective knowledge, fostering collaboration across various teams.


Create, plan and track parallel releases across multiple SCRUM teams with seamless precision.


Split roadmaps into team stories and allocate them across SCRUM teams with ease and ensure architectural integrity. (Coming Soon)


Create, plan and track all your content, marketing and change management activities, whether you target internal teams or external customers.


Efficiently onboard new customers while planning and tracking all activities during the onboarding process.


From initial triage to assigning the right SCRUM teams, our platform simplifies the process, ensuring prompt resolution.


Celebrate achievements, document the path to success, and reflect on your progress and growth.


Log potential risks and challenges, ensuring nothing falls through the cracks.


Capture and visualize the team's productivity and morale through daily reflections. (Coming Soon)


Streamline and simplify the management of non-SCRUM projects and initiatives within your organization.

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