Agility But No Agile

The adoption of agile methodologies has been transformative. Concepts like Continuous Integration, Estimation, and Iterative Development have left an indelible mark on the industry, enhancing efficiency and fostering collaboration among teams. However, as agile practices have evolved, they've sometimes veered into overly process-centric territories, casting a shadow over the very essence of software creation – the joy of building and innovating.

In recent times, some agile implementations have paradoxically strayed from their original intent. The agile movement was born out of a desire to simplify, collaborate, and respond swiftly to changing requirements. However, in some cases, it has morphed into a complex ecosystem, with some of them advocating for expensive full-time process roles in each and every team, just to govern the processes and adopting some of the scaled frameworks which can sometimes resemble massive ERP implementations.

While the intentions behind these practices are commendable, they can inadvertently lead to processes that overshadow the primary purpose of agile: the art of software creation.

At HITEAM, our mission is to shift the conversation from processes to products. We do this by harnessing the best elements of agile methodologies, including story sizing, agile estimation, and iterative planning, and automating them. This eliminates the need for extensive agile training and specific expertise, freeing your teams from manual tasks. As a result, your teams can concentrate on what truly matters: creating stories, setting priorities, and delivering results.

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