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Our Shipping Philosophy: Manifesto for Remarkable Product Delivery

At HITEAM, we optimize our product and engineering teams and processes for one purpose: shipping. This philosophy is grounded in the principle of agility and reflects our core values. It can be summed up in five simple yet powerful principles

1. We Ship for Today
Our approach is forward-thinking yet grounded in the present. We prioritize today's requirements and keep things simple, avoiding unnecessary complexity. We happily respond to changing requirements on a daily basis.

2. We Ship One Feature At A Time: We believe in crafting products one feature at a time. This approach allows us to focus on delivering tangible value to our users as quick as possiple.

3. We Ship When It's Ready
We don't believe in rushing to meet arbitrary deadlines or pushing out half-finished products. We ship only when our feature is truly ready.

4. We Ship When We're Happy
Each product carries a piece of our identity, and we launch them with a deep sense of accomplishment. If it doesn't make us happy, it's not ready to ship.

5. We Ship as Frequently as Possible
We are committed to continuous improvement. Hence, we strive to ship updates, enhancements, and new features as often as possible. This keeps us agile, responsive, and aligned with our users' evolving needs.

By adhering to these principles, we ensure that every feature we ship is a reflection of our dedication to quality, our pride in our craft, and our relentless pursuit of improvement.

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