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Launch of Market, Onboard, Support and Project

We're thrilled to introduce four powerful new additions to the HITEAM platform, designed to elevate your product development experience like never before. Get ready to take your workflow to the next level with these game-changing features:

1️⃣ Market: Effortlessly track your marketing and change management efforts in one unified space. Streamline your strategies and keep a close eye on progress.

2️⃣ Onboard: Manage and track your customer and employee onboarding activities. From welcoming new clients to integrating team members seamlessly, Onboard ensures a smooth journey for all.

3️⃣ Support: Manage your multi-scrum support tickets with ease. No more ticket chaos – Support brings efficiency to ticket management, empowering your teams to deliver prompt solutions.

4️⃣ Project: For managing non-scrum/agile projects. Project offers the same precision and collaboration capabilities you love about HITEAM.

And that's not all – every one of these new features is powered by HITEAM's groundbreaking calibration engine and visual planning tools. It's all about efficiency, accuracy, and seamless collaboration, making HITEAM your go-to choice for end-to-end product development.

Ready to experience the future of team collaboration and project management? Explore our new offerings and revolutionize your approach with HITEAM!

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