Supercharge your Product and Engineering Organization with HITEAM

HITEAM revolutionizes the way startups, product teams, and engineering teams work. With our advanced operating platform, you can say goodbye to process overload and put your focus where it matters most – solving customer problems.

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Unlock Instant Estimations and Delivery Predictions

Know exactly when your teams can deliver features with our real-time tracking, dynamic estimation, and advanced calibration engine. Predict delivery dates in real time, enabling better decision-making and ensuring you have an up-to-date plan on time, every time.

Enable end to end Product Workflow with Automation

Streamline your product and engineering workflow with advanced automation and Connect your product, engineering, marketing, change management, program, customer success, and support teams into one streamlined workflow.

Unite Hybrid, Distributed, and Remote Teams

Empower self-managing teams with real-time information and automated workflows to create a cohesive work environment, supercharging your team's collaborative output. No matter where they are located, your diverse teams can work together effectively at an unmatched pace.

Reduce Meetings and Management Costs

Maximize your resources and minimize overheads with our efficient management solutions. Say goodbye to unnecessary meetings, manual coordination, and resource wastage, as our platform optimizes your processes, leading to substantial cost savings.

With HITEAM, you can seamlessly collaborate with your distributed teams from anywhere in the world. Streamline communication, track progress, and ensure everyone is aligned towards the same goals.

#1 Feature: AutoEstimate

Get instant estimations in real-time.

Get instant estimates as soon as new requirements are created, enabling you to plan and prioritize with confidence and precision. HiTeam takes the burden off your shoulders by effortlessly tracking changes, from story points to team compositions, and continuously calibrating your plan, updating all affected work items with new estimated dates, ensuring you stay informed and up-to-date in the dynamic project environment.

#2 Feature: AutoEstimate

Automate SCRUM management and stay agile.

Don't let the day-to-day activities of SCRUM slow your team down. With AutoEstimate, you can automate the mundane tasks and free up your team to focus on delivering real value. Our platform automatically creates sprints and allocates stories across teams, streamlining your process for maximum efficiency.

#3 Feature: MultiTrack

Activate full product development with MultiTrack.

Finding the right balance between developing new features, resolving issues for existing customers, and refining already released features is essential to successful product and software development. With MultiTrack, you can manage and prioritize defects, enhancements, and new features separately. Say goodbye to the traditional sequence of development and hello to true agility.

#4 Feature: ScaledAgile

Effortlessly scale your agile teams.

Scaling Agile is no easy feat, but with ScaledAgile, it's effortless. Our platform helps you adapt your process to align with domain-driven or microservices-based teams, ensuring seamless process integration and efficient collaboration. And with automatic planning and calibration, you can easily adjust your plan whenever changes happen and accurately report across teams.

#5 Feature: Roadmap

Take control of your product roadmap.

Keeping track of multiple products and projects with multiple SCRUM teams can be overwhelming. But with Roadmap, you can take control of your product roadmap and bring all teams together to deliver them efficiently. Organize, prioritize, and execute on your product vision with ease.

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